Did music create us?

The other day, I was talking to a friend about photography. He talked about how some academics argue that photography has actually created nostalgia: looking at photos sparks a strong sense of what used to be; it gave us a sense of mortality as we saw how things, our selves and our surroundings are affected by time.

Music, too, makes me feel things similar to the way photos do. Music makes me laugh and cry, and has had the power to do this throughout my life. It is impossible for me to listen to something and not feel. I’ve seen my mother moved to tears at concerts, and my grandmother too. How far back has music had the ability to move us? Music has been around for a whole lot longer than cameras, so is it possible that music has created and defined what we feel today? Has it embodied emotion itself?

I have always thought that music has been around ever since people could create it. But perhaps it is the other way round: perhaps people heard music in the trees and wind and animals and voices, and were moved. And perhaps people reproduced these sounds, and it continued to shape and create them.

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