This blog is inspired by my experiences as a musician. My interest in music began when I was three, when I started playing piano; I then went to a specialist music school when I was six. I stayed in classical music education until I was seventeen, studying piano and violin performance. Now I study Arts and Sciences at UCL, and I specialise in Anthropology, Politics and Sociology. I have become fascinated by interdisciplinarity and theoretical lenses such as postmodernism, and my other passions lie in social justice and education. So while I no longer study music, these interests and specialisms have shaped the way I see the world now, and I have become intrigued by what music represents, how it shapes the world and what it reflects about society.

In this blog, I will use an anthropological lens to explore the relationship between the mind, body and music, by combining my interests and passions gained at music school and at university. Over the next few months, I will explore a variety of themes, including (but not limited to!):

  • The relationship between musical instruments and the body
  • The body as an instrument, voiceless singers and the hands of pianists
  • The influence of the visual aspect of music performance on the auditory aspect
  • Music and gender, performance and the performer
  • Teaching music, relationships and sex
  • Music injuries and pain;
  • Ceremonial music and ritual, music halls and churches
  • The future of music and performer-less performances

Some of these topics will be informed by academic papers, while others may be musings from my own experiences, and the outcome will be a holistic and diverse exploration of the mind, body and music.



All images are my own unless otherwise stated.